This is still an ongoing case so there isn’t too much information about it in the public domain.

Police were called on the morning on February 18th to a property in Hamilton Park North, Lanarkshire, when they arrived they discovered the dead body of Darrell Buchanan, the police had been called after reports of a disturbance.

Her husband is on remand pending trial – he has appeared in court a couple of times but hasn’t lodged a plea yet.

This case is slightly different for me because there has been no reports that we are aware of at the moment of domestic violence, they appeared to be a happily married couple, the age difference she was 37 and he was 64 at the time of the murder, they lived in a nice part of town and seemed to be living a good life.

What shocks me about it is I hadn’t heard of it, it was shown to me – I’m wondering if it’s not made any news in England that I’ve seen because she’s a black woman? I’m wondering if it was a well of white woman we might have heard more?

I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on it when it goes to trial.