While gender-based violence is not limited to violence against women and girls, according to World Health Organization’s (WHO) data from 2021, almost one in every three women, or approximately 736 million women, have been subjected to intimate partner violence, non-partner sexual violence or both at least once in their lifetime.

Violence starts early in the lives of women. Of those who have been in a relationship, almost 1 in 4 adolescent girls aged 15–19 have experienced physical and/or sexual violence from an intimate partner.

When a woman has been subjected to gender-based violence it can impact her physical, mental, sexual and reproductive health. It results in injuries, unintended prganancies, STI’s and gynaecological disorders, it can also lead to depression, PTSD and self-harm to name a few longer term issues.

This is why we at G.E.M cic are so passionate about helping those that have been impacted by gender-based violence rebuild their lives.

We have our second free workshop taking place this Sunday live on Zoom, the link can be found in our bio. if you know someone who might benefit from this please share the link with them as well.